Saturday, 10 November 2012

5 Days Post-op...

I guess I shouldn't be doing this just yet, but as I have the laptop at me knee to pay some bills I thought I would give a quick update.  The operation went well, and the surgeon was happy with the results. Although there was significant bruising and swelling on the right side which he thought I may have to return to theatre to have drained, but thankfully it sorted itself out!  Surgery was on Monday (05/11/2012), I went down at 11.30am and remember waking up on the ward at around 7.30pm.  I was in recovery before going onto the ward but can't remember how long for.  I came home yesterday after having both drains removed, even though they were still draining a fair amount of fluid!  But I have an appointment next Thursday back at clinic for my post-op check. This is where, I believe, I will also get the results from the tissue they removed and sent for testing.

So, after all the hype leading up to the op, how do I feel now??  Lets go with the negatives first, bearing in mind the surgery is only a few days old!

I am tearful - Sometimes I just burst into tears for no particular reason! As soon as I walked through the door at home I burst into tears into my mums arms!
I can't get comfortable in my own bed - I want the hospital bed back with all its lovely support! I know I can use pillows but it just isn't the same and I keep slipping down the bloody bed!
I feel like I have pulled muscles in my armpits - Could be due to the fact that my muscles have actually been pulled! They now cover the expanders!
I'm so sleepy! - I only have to go up and down the stairs a couple of times and I'm absolutely whacked!
The tight "band around the chest" sensation - constant, uncomfortable. It's like wearing a tight strapless bra all day and night but you know you aren't going to get that "Ahhhhhhhh" feeling when you take it off because you can't!

And for the positives?  Well apart from the blatantly obvious (for those who are not clear, that means being Breast Cancer Risk (virtually) free) I am only experiencing the "ooh no work on Monday" feeling!  I am waiting for a big relief moment to hit me, but I don't know when that will be...When I'm not in so much discomfort? When my screening appointment would be due (January/February)? When my reconstruction is absolutely complete? When I reach the age my aunty was when she was first diagnosed (5 years away)? Who knows, but I'm sure it will come!  It certainly isn't something I'm going to rush or force upon myself.

And so that is how things are at the moment.  I know that with each day I will get stronger and cope better.  I can tell things are slowly improving from the exercises I am doing daily.  Tomorrow I will be watching my beautiful son take part in the Remembrance Parade in town with his Cadet detachment.  I will take a chair in case I need to sit down, but this is something I will not miss for the world.  He makes me so proud!

I will return after my next appointment to update, but for now, thank you all so much for reading and taking an interest.  Please feel free to comment and share.

Lots of Love


  1. Congrats! You will be feeling better soon. Get lots of rest.

  2. awesome! i'm glad things seem to be not SO bad... hoping for all clear tissue results, as i'm sure they will be... and overall, you were prepared! you can't get any better then that! =)

  3. Just read every post in your blog and it has helped me so much. I was only diagnosed 3 weeks ago and so much going through my head, thoughts all very similar to yours! I've started a blog a few days ago too!

    Well done for being so brave and wishing you a speedy recovery. Please keep writing! Xx

  4. Thank you so much for reading and your comment. I really wish I'd have started writing a long time ago, but, as they say..."Better late than never". I will be updating over the next few days as I am coming up to 2 weeks post-op so keep checking back. I will be posting the link on Facebook and Twitter too. Also there is a link to my blog from the National Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline website -