Thursday, 13 September 2012

It's a date...

Wow! My September appointment soon came round.  So last Tuesday, Mum and I took the train to London to see the surgeon.  I had been anxious for a few days prior, as I was really hoping to come home with a date for surgery.  But I had a horrible feeling he was going to tell me to come back in 3 months again.  So, I went into his room, and he went over what we discussed at the last appointment.  The recon options, the reasons for my decision and everything else which comes with the surgery.  I told him I had decided on the expanders/implants surgery and that I was now happy to lose my nipples and have them reconstructed at a later date. He explained where my scars would be, the recovery, the complete procedure and I can honestly say, I have total trust and confidence in him, which is bonus! do I feel?  Well, when I came out of the hospital I felt so excited and relieved that I finally had a date and I could now start planning.  I have informed work, friends, and family, and now I just have to wait...8 weeks.  Wow!  When I see it written down like that it doesn't look long at all! And going by how quick this year seems to have gone it will be here before we know it!

And so, on Monday 5th November I shall make my way to Barts Hospital, London to undergo a prophylactic Bilateral Mastectomy with expanders and implants reconstruction. I am sure that afterwards I will feel relief that I won't have to go through the screening process every year for the rest of my life.But, before then, I have a whole 8 weeks to make the most of my boobs which have been with me for so many years...or should that be I have 8 weeks to start detaching my self from them?  (Not literally of course, that's a job for the wizard surgeon to do!).

I decided to have a party before I go in for my operation, for a few reasons really.
1) To say a big thank you to my wonderful friends and family who have completely and wholeheartedly supported my decision.
2) To say a fond farewell to my "Little Ladies"
3) It's as good as excuse as any to have a party, surely?!
4) It would give me something else to focus on rather than farting about and boring everyone about an operation! (People seem more interested in a party, and who can blame them?!) ...That was the plan, but now, I seem to have  turned it into a fundraising party for National Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline ...Well, why not?

So now I am on a mission to beg, borrow, and steal (OK, not quite steal) raffle prizes!  So if you do happen to read this and would like to donate, please get in touch.

Oh, and as a last note...My surgery appointment letter came through making it official!  :-)